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How to Install a Furnace Air Filter

Being a homeowner means taking care of some maintenance on your own. This can be an overwhelming thought for many people who are not used to having to pay attention to technical sounding things, like furnace filters just like furnace repair.

Buy the Best furnace filters

The first thing to know when purchasing a replacement filter for your furnace is what size you need contact HVAC technician. The easiest way to ascertain the size needed is to pull out the existing filter and look on it. If you have not done this before, the filter is rectangular and looks like a framed screen. If you have a disposable filter, you can throw it away.

Things You’ll Need

To get the best possible performance from your furnace, you will want to check or replace the filter at least once every 30 days. By doing this you will not only reduce the amount of wear and tear on your furnace, but you will also be lower your monthly energy bills.

Forming this monthly filter check can save you money.

Some best furnace filters are not disposable. These are considered permanent filters, and some even carry lifetime warranties. To maintain these filters, you simply pull it out, clean it, and then put it back.

It is important to note that the reusable filters never get completely clean. They may require attention more often than once per month. These are not the ideal choice for people suffering from certain respiratory problems, such as asthma.

Filter designs do vary.

The most common type of filter available is a panel filter. There are exactly as they sound, a flat panel. A slightly different design, and slightly more effective, is a pleated filter. These are panel filters that have several folds in them for the purpose of creating more surface area. The more surface area there is, the more likely particles in the air are to become trapped in the filter.

High-efficiency pleated filters are also available:

The major difference here is that as air particles pass through the filter they receive an electrostatic charge. This charge makes the particles attract to the filter, making it easier to for the filter to trap more of them.

There is always much talk of  HVAC filters. These filters offer a rather complex design that removes far more than just your standard air irritants. These are not intended for residential furnaces. These are intended for institutional use; such has hospitals or schools.

To conclude:

So when you go to check your furnace filter this month, remember first tocheck the size if you need to buy a replacement. If you have a reusable filter, clean it as well as you can and put it back in. When shopping for a new filter, carry in mind the air quality needs of yourself and your family.

Make it a routine and may be pleasantly surprised with lower utility bills. Check out our blog for great tips and advice. Make sure your furnace works at best quality by keeping best furnace filters in it.