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How to choose Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are not entirely a new technology or one that has undergone significant scientific breakthroughs that has catapulted it towards a spotlight. Actually, heat pumps have been in the spotlight for decades. What have perhaps catapulted them to modern spotlight are perhaps its increasing awareness on ways of lives of humans and an impact on environment with the ways we can be able to change our homes towards reducing such an impact.continue reading this article!

Impacting environments like on winter and need for fresh indoor air has pushed for increased dependence and usage of heat pumps.

It can be difficult to imagine, however houses can have a lot of dust, thus by selecting among the best durance filters and heat pumps can be very crucial towards air quality. As per the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the indoors air is between two to five times highly polluted than outdoor air. The major reason why most people are unaware of this fact is due to the reason microscopic sized particles are available at homes hence not visible to the naked eye.

Therefore, to be able to keep the quality of inside house air and warmth during winter, good quality heat pumps and furnace filters should be used for the furnace unit. Heat pumps are able to offer homes and business perhaps a sustainable alternative from gas or oil and electric heating which are non-renewable fossil fuels. Heat pumps are able to use natural heat existing on the atmosphere or the ground in generating heat. There are different types of heat pumps available but there are three main types to choose from

Air Source

The air source heat pump is perhaps the hardest one to figure out. The min split pump is able to steal heat from the air like in the case whereby a refrigerator is able to steal heat from its interior and then expels it out back. Hence, the air source heat pump is able to steal latent from the outside air, and then compresses it to transfer it to the water plus central heating supply. When it’s cold outside, the heat pump at absolute zero, a particle is still but when the temperature increases, it starts to vibrate, and as the temperature increases the particles vibrates more. The heat pump can even extract usable heat even when the temperature is at a low of -22°C

Ground Source

Boiling water just under the feet is maybe a furnace so vast that it can be very hard for most people to comprehend. The heat pump provides an infinite supply of heat energy, as within the molten rick is a very huge amount of heat energy that is projected upwards through earth and the ground we are walking on. The heat pump uses coiled tubing, which is laid on the ground to extract natural heat energy. The heat is compressed then transferred to your home for heating.

Heat Pumps


The geothermal heat pump is able to work similarly like the ground heat pump, as it is able to extract heat through the ground. However, the geothermal one uses very deep bore holes drilling downwards to earth. The pipes would then be buried near the hotter depths exactly in the same other info from

There are three types of excellent heat pump for different situations. It is upon you to choose the one that can suit your situation