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Better heating with Minisplit pumps

March 22, 2018
HVAC Reviews, HVAC Technician

Unlike heat resistance which uses electricity, a Minisplit heat pump or MSHP works using a refrigerant, as well as many other pieces that are more convenient than a refrigerant, such as a compressor or an expansion valve. During the summer, MSHP moves the heat from inside the building to the outside. It works in reverse during the winter, taking the heat from the outside and bringing it in. They are known as air source because they take their necessities from …

What to Consider When Choosing HVAC Technician

October 26, 2017
HVAC Technician
HVAC Technician

The weather condition in this country has always been to the extreme in some states, in order for you to ensure you are comfortable in the house during the cold winter seasons and hot summer seasons the temperatures should be maintained using HVAC system. The same way your car and body need constant maintenance is the same way you need to maintain a HVAC system in your house. You will need to do a number of things to successfully install …