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Better heating with Minisplit pumps

Unlike heat resistance which uses electricity, a Minisplit heat pump or MSHP works using a refrigerant, as well as many other pieces that are more convenient than a refrigerant, such as a compressor or an expansion valve. During the summer, MSHP moves the heat from inside the building to the outside. It works in reverse during the winter, taking the heat from the outside and bringing it in. They are known as air source because they take their necessities from the air outside.

Two systems

Because they use two systems, they are commonly referred to as splits. The unit dedicated to the outside and the unit dedicated to the inside to work with the heat. They are ‘Minisplits’ because they are smaller, mostly for homes or very small buildings, in compare to the larger commercial ones that take a lot of setting up and maintenance. These are meant for large places as malls, convention centers or an office building.


It works with the same principles with what a refrigerator works, hence why it uses a refrigerant. They are versatile for retrofits and work better in open spaces. They can also provide dehumidification and even a fan mode. The fan mode can distribute heat around the room without having to turn on the pump. For a home, it might be better to instill more units, the number depending on the rooms you wish to have this feature in. One unit would go on the inside, visible that you can control or clean, and then there is the one that would go on the outside, which will be dealing with the working of the air to bring you its service. The inside one can go to the wall, to the floor, ceiling, they even offer different models for the aesthetic of the home if the buyer wishes. It is recommended they are placed on the wall as it will function more properly. Both these units are connected through wiring and copper lines. One provides electricity while the other communication. These wires can trespass through the wall or floor. If you want the outer unit to be less visible, you can use cassettes that keep them well covered, but of course, it is at an additional price and it makes the installing more expensive.


There are considerations when placing it outside. For instance, a cap should be placed above as to not let it be hit by rain or snow. The fan needs to be receiving airflow and it must have open space and cannot have anything such as a bush or tree nearby constricting it. You have to remember that this unit is capable of combusting and any impendence can end in an unfavorable burning.


It can provide both heating and air conditioning. With a good installing and adding the right components, it can provide a better window unit at less than the expected high cost. Why pay separately for a heater and an air conditioner when you can get a unit that offers you both.